About Our Church Staff

  • 1895  On May 7th, the Preston Baptist Church (now King Street Baptist Church) was organized in the home of Mr. & Mrs. B.W. Ziemann with 15 charter members, which included a number from Doon & vicinity where a Baptist mission previously disbanded.   For about a year and a half Rev Wm. Peer, pastor of the Hespeler Baptist Church conducted Sunday afternoon services where were held in Knox Presbyterian Church.   A service of recognition of the new church was held by the churches of the Association on September 17th 1895.

  • 1896  Late in 1896 Rev. A.R McDonald, B.A became pastor of the Hespeler Church and he carried on the Sunday afternoon services in Preston.

  • 1897  A Sunday School was organized with 45 pupils and 6 teachers and the church membership increased to 17, of which 8 were non-resident.  The church giving amounted to $170.07 of which $17.10 was for missions.

  • 1898  Place of meeting was moved from the Presbyterian Church to the Ziemann Hall, upstairs at the rear of the Ziemann block.

  • 1899  Progress appears to be slow as the membership decrease to 14 and income to $150.60 of which $16.00 went to Missions

  • 1900 On October 1st, Rev A.R McDonald ceased ministering to the Preston cause, thus separating the two churches.   Membership increased to 19 and income to $178.54 of which $29.70 was for Missions Services were temporarily discontinued in search of a new leader.

  • 1901 Rev, Judson J. Whyte became pastor of the Hespeler Church and also of the Preston cause.  In the church report to the Association the clerk indicated that in interest of the Master’s cause, it is best to wrap the mantle of charity around the past and to heed the lessons learned from our mistakes.

  • 1902 Membership now 17 and income $143.9 which $31.79 went to Missions

  • 1903 During the early part of the year the church was served by student pastors H. C Feast and A.D Warrant and during the Fall and Winder months by students from Woodstock College and McMaster University.

  • 1904 On May 15 the student pastor C. R Jones took charge and was ordained on November 1st 1904.  This year marks the turning point in the history of our church.  In the report to the Association the clerk declared that the church now realized that if the Baptist cause was ever to amount to anything in the growing town of Preston they would require a full-time pastor and a church building, since the people they wanted to reach would not go to an upstairs hall to attend services.

  • 1905  Supported by the home Mission Board who made it possible to have a full-time pastor and with financial assistance from interested Baptist in the area, the lot on which our church stands today (corner of King and Dover) was purchased for $400.00

  • 1906 Our present sanctuary was erected at a cost of $5160.00 plus a great deal of volunteer labour by the pastor and his 23 members.  We stand amazed at what $5000 would build 105 years ago and also the faith of this little band of believers, who raised only $312.64 during the year toward the new building and less than $600.00 for all purposes.  Toronto Baptists contributed some $1400 and the balanced was financed by notes and a bank loan.  Later a mortgage was arranged with the Church Edifice Board.

  • 1907  As a result of very fruitful evangelistic services led by Rev. H.H Bingham, Rev Alex Torrey and Dan Shannon there were 25 baptisms and membership increased to 57.  About this time Mr. Philip Smith who as a child was freed Negro slave, presented to the church the oak communion table which was so used for 40 years and since 1949 has been in use in the pastor’s vestry.  (On May 7, 11967 Anniversary Sunday, recognition was made and a plaque attached which reads.  “This Communion Table used from 1907 to 1949 was the gift of Philip Smith a Freed Negro slave to Preston Regular Baptist Church.”  Also recognition was given to the old communion set given about the same time by Mr. & Mrs. C.J Holman, Toronto and recognition also to the communion cloth given in 1931 by Mr. & Mrs. Drag Stryonchevich.

  • 1908 Rev J.D Forward became pastor on May 15th and the membership moved up to 80.  A legacy of $480.00 was received from the estate of Mr. W.A Husband.   Baptist Young Peoples Union (B.Y.P.U) was organized.   The church held three weeks of evangelistic services led by H.H Bingham.

  • 1909 Membership of the church stood at 86.  Sunday School at 95.  B.Y.P.U at 40 and Mission Circle at 15.

  • 1910 Rev G. A. Lowes held the pastorate for a little more than a year leaving in November 1911

  • 1911 At the Request of the Home Mission Board the Rev. W.H Porter, M.A came as a supply and later as pastor. We find the following notation in the minute book, which we believe to be in Mr. Porter’s own handwriting = “we found the church in a very weak, disheartened and scatter state, but like the teal tree and the oak (Isa. 6:13) whose leave withereth yet the sap remaineth in the tender roots, and it shall live again.”

  • 1912 The parsonage at the corner of Moore and Waterloo Streets was purchased on May 17th for $2450.00

  • 1913 The fire insurance on the Church contents was for only $750.00

  • 1914  Rev. G.H Sneyd became pastor lat in the year.  The B.Y.P.U was host to the Thanksgiving Day meetings of the Association B.Y.PU and a real project considering the number of members, but it was quite successful.

  • 1915  The church entertained the Associational gathering in June.  Church income $1552.00;  Sunday School $115.67;  B.Y.P.U; $83.70;  Ladies Aid:  $117.59;  Mission Circle $78.50

  • 1916  Memorial service held in honour of Ernest Gatehouse who was killed in France while service with the Canadian Army.  Banquet was served to D.Coy 111th Battn. E.E.F.  Which Coy was recruited locally and in which were a number of young men.

  • 1917  Rev. H. Elmer Green became pastor on Oct 8th and during the year the church was honored by having one of its sons P.P W. Ziemann who graduated from McMaster University become pastor of St. John’s Road Church in Toronto.   Membership now 155, income $1507.96 Missions:  $120.63

  • 1918 An every member roll call was combined with a social evening in connection wit the Anniversary services.  Sanky hymnals were purchased for use in Sunday evening services.  A church constitution was adopted.

  • 1919 At a special meeting on April 2nd the church mortgage was burned.  The same meeting served as a farewell to the Lindelius family whose home was always open for our young people and other church groups.  Rev. C.R Jones was present and had a part in the program.

  • 1920  The church interior was re-arranged to give added room for our growing Sunday School and for installation of the pip organ purchased from Guelph Baptist Church.  Membership now 181 income $2122.26, Missions $192.44.   P.P W. Ziemann went to Japan as a missionary teacher under the America Baptist Foreign Missionary Society.

  • 1921 Rev. Harvey E. Merrit, B.A, B. Th., commenced his ministry on Jan 3rd, 1921

  • 1922 The silent preacher was purchased and installed at the church entrance.

  • 1923 Dr. A. J Ramsay and Rev Rober McQuilkin conducted Victorious Life Conferences.

  • 1924 Reve. F.A Robinson , author and Bible teacher, conducted a week of special services.   Income $3142.96, Missions $342.70.

  • 1925  Return visit of Rev. Robert McQuilken for Victorious Life Conferences

  • 1926 Rev. James Macluckie became pastor on December 18 th 1926

  • 1927 Church building was re-wired to conform to new regulations.

  • 1928 Baraca and Philathea classes joined with the united Church classes to entertain the first Ontario Union Convention to be held in Preston

  • 1929  Return visit of Dr. J. Ramsay for special services

  • 1930  Dr. A. J Ramsay again with us for a wee of meetings.  P.P W. Ziemann was ordained in Ottawa and became pastor of the For the Avenue Baptist Church.

  • 1931  Evangelist Norman Grenway and party held five consecutive weeks of evangelistic services.   The communion cloths now in use were embroidered and given to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Drag Stayanchevich in memory of their young son John who was drowned in the speed River in 1930.

  • 1932  Rev Elmer M. Loney, B.A., became pastor in September

  • 1933 Special evangelistic meetings with Rev. Blomgren from U.S.A Income $2560.75, Missions $326.75.

  • 1934 Excavation of a portion of the church basement was started by the men of the church to provide more Sunday School space.   Keneth MacLukie started parsonage mortgage retirement fund plan.   Miss Fiona MacLuckie, graduate of Moody Bible institute when to Ethiopia under the Sudan Interior Mission.

  • 1935  Evangelistic Services led by Rev. Gordon Crofoot.  Income $2602.78, Missions $387.30

  • 1936 Entertained Ontario Baraca – Philathea Convention.

  • 1937 Rev. J.C Williamson, B.A., B.Th., commenced his ministry in July, the longest ministry in the first 60 years of the church’s history.

  • 1938  Evangelistic Services with the McMaster Band.  Membership 208, Income $3317.12, Missions $509.00

  • 1939 Our church choir was gowned.  During the summer the church was broken into by vandals and much damage was done.

  • 1940  Return of McMaster Evangelistic Band.  Parsonage mortgage was paid off.  Further basement extension work started by the men of the church.

  • 1941  Our church saw another of its sons, Fred Bulen ordain to the Ministry and the pastorate of Wellington St. Church in Sault Ste. Marie.

  • 1942  Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) was inaugurated   The Associational gather was entertained in October. 

  • 1943  Evangelist services led by Rev. Keith Daniel  Membership 266, Income $5845.25  Missions $1263.62

  • 1944 Building fund launch with the initial aim of $8000. 

  • 1945  Our church co-operated with the Convention in the Crusade for Christ program of Evangelism, Stewardship, Live Service and Baptist Beliefs Policy

  • 1947  Building fund now stands at $10,000

  • 1948  Membership now at 291, Income $11,756.31  Missions $2130.10.

  • 1949 Plans for Renovation & Addition.  A 10 foot addition on the West end of the building.  The addition will provide for a proper new font in the church proper new seating arrangement of the choir and attractively styled front.  The addition will also allow for new washrooms in the basement, ministers study and choir room.

  • Church Interior Front Prior to changes

  • 1950 Entertained Association meetings, special service conduced by Rev. John Slimon.  Work once again began digging out basement to provide more Sunday School Room.  Membership now 303, Income $11598.08, Missions $3732.15

  • 1951  Purchased land adjacent to church on Dover St.  95’X65’ for $2000.00

  • 1952  Building fund started for new proposed Sunday School building.   Christian Live Service & Missionary Committee appointed.

  • 1953  Evangelistic service with Rev. Cedric Sears and Marvin Honory.  Fiona MacLuckie returns from Mission field in Ethiopia.

  • Church Interior Front Post Changes

  • 1954 Return visit of Rev Cedric Sears.  Members hip 342, Income $16490, Missions $4244.70.

  • 1955  Week of services led by Rev. S. Punkett of London, England.   Diamand Jubiilee week of meetings, May 4th -11th led by Rev. Dr. P.P. W. Ziemann.

  • 1957 Rev. J.C Williamson resigned his due to failing heath on September 8th fell ill and passed away on October 7th, 1957 in his 68th year.   Rev Williamson faithfully and fruitfully served this congregation for 20 years.

  • 1958 Rev. W. H. McWhinnie, born in Motherwell, Lankshire Scotland was inducted as pastor of Preston Baptist Church on March 25th.  George Boniface and Done Renwick met in June of this year regarding the plans for a major addition to the church.  Dr. P.P W. Ziemann, General Secretary of the Baptist Convention of Ontario & Quebec laid the cornerstone in place on Sunday November 23 1958.   Dr. Ziemann was a son of Bernard Ziemann, one of the church founders. 

  • King Street Baptist Church prior to new addition.

  • 1959 The addition of Sunday School Auditorium was completed and April 12th 1959 a dedication services was held to mark the opening of the new building.

  • King Street Baptist Church after the new Sunday School & Auditorium addition

  • 1960 Preston Baptist Church voted to change its name to King Street Baptist Church.  The name was changed because there are two Baptist Churches in the community now and it was felt that calling one of them Preston Baptist, it would indicate there was only one.  Temple Baptist Church on Dunbar road is the other church.  Membership 280, Income, $39,000 Missions $13,000, Sunday School:  $3851

  • 1969 Over 200 Boys and Girls attended DVBS.  Some came by bus others walked.   7 decisions for Christ were made on closing day.

  • 1970 156 came to DVBS where even a bad thunderstorm @ 8:30 am could not keep them away.

  • 1971 272 Kids came to DVBS in one day.

  • 1975 Celebrated the biggest birthday party ever with Rev. James ‘Cap’ MacLukie’s 100th Birthday.   Cap died on Feb 11 th 1981 at the age of 105. 

  • 1977 Rev Tom Oshiro stepped down as pastor of King Street on April 10 1977. Tom's departure would leave the church without a minister for the next 17 months. However, the Lord had prepared the congregation well and the church continued to thrive with guest speakers sometimes running 4 or 5 weeks at a time.

  • 1978 May of this year the "pulpit committee" invited Rev. Dennis Pape of Ottawa to preach for the call. Rev. Pape began his minstry at King Street on Sept 1st 1978 with a membership of about 196 active Members. On October 1978 the Preston Baptist Baraca Class celebrated its 60th anniversary and on December 20th 1979 the class officially came to an end.

  • 1979 King Street heard the cries of the Vietnamese who had been driven from their homes during the war. Over the next 3 years this Baptist Congregation several Vietnamese refugee families and brought them to Cambridge.

  • 1980 In July of this year, the church arranged for 125 people to attend the 14th Baptist World Congress in Toronto. 1000's around the world came to hear the world's leading Christian Speakers. King Street contributed $1500 to the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Scholorship fund and $1000 for a minister from Brazil to attend the congress. Many things were taking place at King Street including a donation for new NIV Bibles for the church. Another donation in memory of the Ziemann family was used for organ chimes. King Street was truly blessed and was ablet to provide financial support for young Baptist Pastor Isaac Amorin that helped in the establishment of a Portuguese church in Cambridge.

  • 1981 Stan Grummett was student pastor. 

  • 1982 Two women's names to be elected as Deacons, yet all 6 elected were men. Jean Durocher was one of the women on the list who wrote a letter to the church after the "out of order" meeting. Click here to view this letter.

  • 1983 Active membership was 251 with 10 baptisms last year. Total receipts total $131,350 for 1982 year. One female name on the list to fill 4 vacant positions. Jean Durocher had become the first ever female to be elected to the deacons's board at King Street. There were many who supported Jean and many that did not. It was a tough time for Jean and she resigned one year into her three year term. A few months after her resignation headlines of the paper read: "A New Opportunity: Time is 'right' as Baptists elect first woman president." Thank You Jean and to those other women who were truley "pioneers of the time."

  • 1985 The Congregation decided to look into acquiring a Youth Director with training in Christian Education. It took members of the 2 years before a decision was made.

  • 1986 November 5th Murray MacDonald started as the church's fist Youth Director but soon resigned after 5 months of service to accept a position with a summer camp in Orillia.

  • 1987 Two women elected to the deacons' board. From this time on women were rightfully accepted and were able to take their place on any board or committee at King Street Baptist Church. This year marks the retirement of Rev. Dennis Pape to go on a one-year mission trip to Brazil. Over the 9 years Dennis served at King Street he preached over 1000 times 126 new members against 69 loses of membership due to death. Dr. H. Max DeWolfe was be interim pastor for 5 months ending Dec 31 1987. The Christian Education committee was re-organized and bus trips and car rallies were organized for adults and teens. Investigation into cushions for the pews also topped the events of 1987 where after months of deliberation it was deemed not feasible.

  • 1988 Dr. J. Daniel Gibson took the pulpit on September 1, 1988 who was to celebrate his 50 years ordination in 1991. Rev Dan Gibson also was the only ordained minister in Canada to become an active chief of a fire dept.

  • 1990 Jennifer Peer a local girl studying at the Ontario Bible College was on placement at King Street. She completed her assignment by assisting at the Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) with 80 children attendance. Marjorie Smith became a pastoral intern with responsibilities for the young adults, counselling and worship. Marjorie became Associate Pastor on May 31 1992 and received her ordination in May of the following year. A building committee was established to oversee the construction of new main floor washrooms, foyer and improved handicapped accessibility. $30,000 from the government was granted for the efforts and construction started in the fall of 1992.

  • 1992 The church had taken steps to restructure this year bringing its boards, and committees in line to provide a more efficient and effective method of administration and service. A constitution review was under way and a new direction for service in the church.

  • 1994 A fund raising effort to purchase a new floor for the upper Sunday School Auditorium was put in place, where 3,200 tiles were required. Purchasing of tiles for $2.50 was one way in which the congregation raised the $8000 necessary for the floor.

  • 1995 As the church celebrates is 100 year anniversary they also celebrate Marjorie's contribution to the church as she brings the first women's pastoral perspective as she co-ministers the congregation. Cristo Par Todos (Christ for All) Spanish Congregation now joined in sharing the King Street Baptist Church facilities. This Spanish congregation also part of the BCOQ shares the building in hopes of some day having their own.

Our Pastors:
Stan Head Shot.jpg
Pastor Stan Grummett

In 1981 Stan served as a student pastor at King Street. Forty years later, and now retired after three decades of bi-vocational ministry in three churches and several interims in others, returning to King St. feels like a home coming.

Stan and his wife Sandra have been married for 44 years, have four adult children and are further blessed with ten grandchildren.

In the early 80s, King St supported the Grummetts as they sought to grow in faith, in the knowledge of God’s Word and the call of God on their lives. Now forty years later Stan looks forward to returning that favour.

Dan Weatherby

Organist & Choir Director

Dan serves as our Organist and Choir Director. His musical talent and passion for musical worship of many genres bring a great deal to our Music Ministry; he contributes his own music and compositions to our worship service. Dan is married to Fran, and has 4 grown children.
Irene Hayward


Irene's witty humor and outgoing personality serve the church well in her service as Church Secretary. She prepares the bulletin each week, is usually that voice on the other end of the phone when you call the church, and manages to keep our Pastor up-to-date.

Lamentations 3:22-23

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.